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The Great Yorkshire Teddy Bear Event

Yorkshire's Premier Teddy Bear Event

Here’s what’s happening on the day.

Apart from traditional stalls with lots of gorgeous Artist Teddy Bears, we’ve planned a few things for the day, details will be updated over the next few weeks, keep checking here for more information

Mini Workshops...

Come and learn the secrets behind needle felting with our felting guru Rita from Woodland Teddies

Teddy Bear Hospital...

Restore your Battered and Bruised old bear back to life!

Many people still have their childhood friend in the form of a Teddy Bear, he may be a bit battered, a bit torn, well loved but still a favourite friend.

The Bear Emporium based in Killamarsh, Sheffield, offer a sympathetic repair and restoration service to bring your bear back to life. Over the years many bears destined for early retirement have been sympathetically restored to give them many more years of faithful service, we have not been defeated yet by any patient.

Initially a detailed consultation is performed to identify the main problems that need rectifying, if possible an identification of the bears make and age is also done at this stage. Only necessary work to bring your bear back to an acceptable state of repair is performed in order to retain the character and value of the patient.

Where possible original type eyes and fabrics are used, a gentle

clean and brush up finishes off the surgery.

We will be at the Sheffield Bear fair where we will be able to assess what work is needed on your bear plus a pre op evaluation, a price for the work can then be provided. Small repairs such as eye replacement or small sewing jobs may be able to be done on the day, but most jobs will need to be booked in for some private healthcare.

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